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Citroen EuroPass have a number of accessories available for your leased vehicle, all at special tax-free prices. All accessories are bought outright, which means you get to keep them once your leasing period is over. You will not get a refund for any accessories, nor will they be bought back by Citroen. This applies whether you use them or not. Any requests for accessories should be made at the time of booking.

Child Seats

Citroen have three types of child seat available for purchase. European regulations use the weight of the child to establish the appropriate restraint seat. Please keep in mind that you are buying a the child seat and will be taking it with you when you return the car. You are also welcome to take your own child seat and fit it upon collection of your vehicle. Click on the seat names for detailed information.

Romer Baby Safe (birth – 13kg)

European approval group 0. Rear-facing baby seat for very young children. Please note that the base isofix mountings for this seat are not included.

Romer Duo (9-18kg)

European approval group 1. Forward facing child seat.

Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro (15 – 36kg)

European approval group 2-3. Forward facing child seat.

Roof Bars

Transverse roof bars can be fitted to your vehicle, with the price varying between models. There are no straps, ties or covered protection included. The maximum load weight for all vehicles is 50kg. If your load exceeds this limit, you will be liable for any resulting damage to your vehicle.

Berlingo models have longitudinal roof bars that can be adjusted to fit across the vehicle, however separate roof bars are highly recommended to reduce the risk of damage to the roof and ensure correct fitting of any ski holder or other attachments.

Snow Chains

When travelling in the winter months (October – April), different countries may have varying laws regarding the use of snow chains or snow tyres. It is your responsibility to be aware of local regulations. All Citroen EuroPass vehicles are fitted with multi-purpose tyres which can handle varied driving conditions, however snow chains will need to be fitted where large volumes of snow or ice are present on the road.

Citroen EuroPass are unable to provide snow chains. These must be purchased locally in Europe.

Tow Bars

Citroen are unable to provide or fit tow bars, but do allow you to arrange to have one fitted at a garage while in Europe. You must make all arrangements yourself and you cannot pay for the tow bar with the rest of your lease – you must pay the garage directly. Your insurance will only cover your Citroen/DS vehicle – it will not cover whatever you are towing.

It is important that you know the laws of the country you are travelling to with regards to tow bars. For example, in some countries (such as Italy) you cannot fit a tow bar to a vehicle registered in France. You must also ensure that any trailer you tow has valid registration in all countries in which you will be driving. It is entirely your responsibility to make yourself aware of any legal requirements regarding the tow bar and anything associated with it.