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What is the minimum age to drive the vehicle?

The minimum age is 21 years, provided the driver holds a full, valid licence.

Is there a young driver fee?

No, there is no additional fee for young drivers.

Is there a maximum age limit?

No, provided the driver holds a full, valid licence.

How many people can sign the contract?

Only one person can sign the contract. This person is referred to as the Contract Holder.

Who can drive the vehicle?

Immediate family members of the Contract Holder – their spouse/partner, parents and/or children – can drive the car and cross international borders without the Contract Holder present, provided they meet the licence requirements.

Is an International Drivers Permit needed?

An International Drivers Permit (IDP) is compulsory in many European countries and highly recommended in most others.

What does my insurance cover?

Your comprehensive insurance includes fire, theft, accident and third part cover, as well as covering some mistakes such as putting diesel into a petrol car. For more information, see the Insurances page.

If I get to the depot and decide the car is the wrong size, can I upgrade or downsize?

Your vehicle has been made specifically for you, and is registered and insured in your name. For these reasons it is not possible to change vehicles upon arrival at the depot. You are welcome to visit your nearest Citroen dealer with your luggage and travel companions to ensure that you will fit prior to placing your reservation.

Should I book a petrol or diesel car?

Fuel consumption and price difference between petrol and diesel vehicles is better than ever… Find out more about European fuel prices.

Will I have to get my vehicle serviced?

Your vehicle will need to be serviced at 15,000km, 20,000km or 30,000km depending on the model. Services can only be carried out at an authorised Citroen/DS garage. The service card received with your vehicle will contain model-specific information.

Will my vehicle have a full tank of fuel when I pick it up?

No. Your vehicle will have approximately 10-15 litres of fuel when you collect it – enough to get you to the nearest fuel station. A benefit of this is that you can return your vehicle with the tank as close to empty as possible. There is the option to pre-purchase your first tank of fuel – ask us for prices.

What do I do if I have a problem with my car?

Citroen have a 24/7 Assistance Call Centre. Call the number provided and they will guide you through the steps you need to take. The required actions may disrupt your travel plans, depending on the situation.

Can I take my lease car on a ferry?

Yes – this is allowed.

If I collect my vehicle in London will it be right-hand drive?

No. All vehicles are left-hand drive, regardless of where you collect it.

Are cars equipped with Winter tires?

Standard tyres are fitted on all vehicles. Should you plan to drive during the winter months (October to April), please refer here for the rules in each country. If you are required to have winter tyres and/or snow chains, it will be your responsibility to hire and/or buy these and return the vehicle with the original tyres at the end of the lease.

What are the rules regarding child seats?

Each country has its own rules relating to child seats. See the Accessories page for more information, including Citroen’s pricing.