C3 Picasso

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Citroen EuroPass C3 Picasso

Recommended seating: 2 adults + 1-2 children, or 2-3 adults

Recommended luggage: 2 large + 1 medium

Transmission: manual only

Features: power steering, central locking, air-conditioning, Bluetooth, cruise control and GPS (not available in Confort models)

Citroën is proud to offer the innovative, stylish and ingenious C3 Picasso, to its award winning Picasso family. The C3 Picasso offers a spacious interior, intuitive layout, and nimble road manners, perfect for long trips or ducking and weaving through narrow European streets and inner city areas. As would be expected, comfort and practicality are key priorities and the modular layout provides a user-friendly cabin environment. When extra storage space is required, the rear seats can be folded flat providing a level loading space up to the first row seat back. The C3 Picasso’s high-seating position gives drivers optimum visibility.

Recommended Luggage Dimensions

Large – 69 x 55 x 24cm

Medium – 63 x 51 x 22cm

Small – 54 x 40 x 21cm