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Citroen EuroPass C4 Grand Picasso

Recommended seating: 5 adults (or 5 adults and 2 small children if no luggage)

Recommended luggage: 4 large + 1 medium

Transmission: manual or automatic

Features: power steering, central locking, air-conditioning, Bluetooth, cruise control and GPS

The Grand C4 SpaceTourer is a stylish and comfortable family car, offering plenty of luggage room. Rear seats fold flat and an additional 2 seats fold up from the boot door, making the interior of the vehicle easy and quick to reconfigure for larger groups.

Important Note: when used as a 7 seater there is very limited luggage room. For this type of use, soft sports bags are highly recommended. The 2 extra seats are generally recommended for shorter trips and/or for short or younger passengers. The vehicle can also be used as a 6 seater by using just one of the seats in the luggage area – providing half the luggage room advised below.

Recommended Luggage Dimensions

Large – 69 x 55 x 24cm

Medium – 63 x 51 x 22cm

Small – 54 x 40 x 21cm