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We provide SureSave travel insurance for both domestic and international travellers

When hiring a vehicle overseas, many customers choose to purchase travel insurance which covers excess liability applicable in the event of accidental damage or theft.

Most of our providers will offer an optional excess reduction or waiver at an additional cost when you arrive to collect your vehicle. If you have already purchased travel insurance covering the excess, this additional cover will most likely not be of any added benefit to you. These types of fees and charges can become costly, particularly if you are hiring a car over a lengthy period.

Our policies

We offer four plans with varying levels of cover to suit individual budgets and needs. Options are available for individuals and their dependents, or for entire families.

Comprehensive: This is our premium plan for international travellers, including but not limited to cover for medical expenses and evacuation, cancellation costs, luggage and personal effects, travel delay, rental vehicle insurance excess and personal liability.

Budget: The Budget plan is our value for money option with reduced benefits, providing cover for medical expenses and evacuation, cancellation costs, luggage and personal effects, travel delay and personal liability.

Necessities: This plan covers the very basics. Benefits for medical expenses and evacuation, luggage and personal liability are included.

Annual cover: This option is designed for frequent travellers, covering multiple trips of up to 50 days per trip over a 12-month period. Both international and domestic travel is covered.

Travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions: SureSave can provide cover for many pre-existing medical conditions. Where this type of cover is required, each quote is assessed based on individual needs. Ask us for a quote today.

For more information or to request a quote please contact World Drive Holidays on 1300 653 270 or e-mail us.