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At World Drive Holidays we are committed to providing our customer with as much assistance as possible to enable you to have a better self drive holiday experience. Here are some general tips & information.

International Drivers Permit

In many non-english speaking countries it is mandatory for all foreign drivers to hold an international drivers permit in addition to the full Australian license. You may be required to produce this document to the police in the event of an accident. Failure to provide the international permit document may result in a fine.

An International Driver’s permit can be obtained from your local motoring association (NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAA) for a small charge.

We recommend all drivers obtain an international driving permit if you will be driving in, or through, a non-English speaking country. In the UK an international driving permit is only required if renting a Motorhome.

Fuel Prices Guide:         

International fuel prices will vary on a daily basis. To obtain updates and latest information on Fuel prices in UK, Ireland & Europe, we recommend viewing the UK’s The AA (Automobile Association) website.

Toll Roads in Europe

There are many toll roads throughout Europe and the way in which they operate varies between countries.

In most countries you pay as you exit the toll road, using the piece of paper/ticket obtained when entering the toll road, advising the toll booth operator the time & place where you entered.

Switzerland charges a fee for the use of motorways (green road signs). The Vignette, which is a sticker applied to the inside of the windscreen costs a flat-rate fee and is mandatory for all motor vehicles. Vignettes can be purchased at the customs offices at most border entry points. It is also obtainable at post offices, petrol stations, automobile associations and railway stations.

To view more info Click here for: European Road Tolls.

Or Auto Routes  for info on Toll Roads in France.

Or About France for more general info on driving in France.

London Congestion Charge:

If you are driving in central London between 7am-6pm, Monday-Friday, you will be subject to the congestion charge of 10 pounds per day. There are no toll booths, barriers, tickets or passes, it is monitored by cameras checking vehicle number plates.

Please check whether the charge has been included in your rental agreement when you pick up or return your rental vehicle. If not included, you can pay online over the phone using a credit card.

For more details and payments go to the UK government website.

Tips to remember when renting a car

Always inspect the car for any minor damage before departing from the rental location. Check for any scratches or dents, and have these noted on your Rental Contract before leaving the location.

Familiarise yourself with all the controls of the car, including the gears. Make sure you know how to use the Reverse gear.

Always check the type of fuel required, as you will be penalised if you add petrol to a diesel car and vice versa.

When you return the car please ensure you have understood any additional charges that may have been applied to your rental, such as fuel, one way or extra driver fees, and charges for accessories, such as child seats or GPS hire.

Almost all car hire companies will require a security deposit by credit card when you start the rental. This is a refundable deposit held for a temporary period as security while you have the car. Generally, an amount off your card limit will be blocked, and then released or refunded it when the car is returned, less any applicable charges as mentioned above.

If any damage occurs to the vehicle during your rental, an excess charge may apply. Each car rental company will have its own excess policy. It is important to understand what your rental excess may be prior to taking out your rental vehicle.

  • European One Way Hire between countries:

A one way hire between countries is very popular, especially in Europe. eg: pick up car in Paris (France) and return the car to Rome in Italy.

Driving from one country to another is often allowed, however there are restrictions on the types of cars allowed. If you select a small to medium or full size car with manual transmission, this is the most economical option and more likely to be allowed.

In Europe Automatic or Prestige type cars and Minivans are generally not permitted on a one way hire from one country to another.

Please also be aware of any restricted countries where you may not be allowed to drive through. This is quite common in Europe, and it is not always possible to travel into some countries mainly in eastern Europe.

For a long term hire where you require a car for more than 17 days on a one way hire between countries in Europe, the best option is to lease a car with Citroen on the Citroen DriveEurope program, where a one way lease between some major European cities is allowed (eg: Paris, Rome, Frankfurt. Madrid, Zurich).

Find out more about CitroenEuropass

Book in your Citroen lease

For all overseas travel we recommend you check the Smart Traveller web site for the latest travel advice for your destination.